Friday, August 26, 2016

0076 - Nothing


  1. That totally did not go the way I expected. I thought that he was going to end up questioning why he ever put forth the effort to help when it only got him hurt. Then I was expecting an argument with the girl, but with him doing the berating because she essentially got him beat up. Boy was I wrong. I didn't expect her to be the mad one.

    So again this Flush character is way more likeable and heroic to me than the main hero. He put himself on the line for that girl with no super powers of his own while Paragon only started his heroics after he was gifted his. I need to figure out what his gut response was to this rejection of his help. Did he resent that one girl for her assholery and give up helping, or did he figure she was an isolated case and keep trying? Flush at this point was definitely the best origin to flesh out first. I don't even really care much about Paragon or Vindicator.

  2. It's not entirely fair to say Paragon was never heroic before he got his powers because we never really see what he was like before then (except that he was a government researcher who could apparently identify alien artifacts just by looking at them), but you're right that it doesn't really matter. No matter what Paragon and Vindicator may represent, they're not entirely relatable. Whether we like him or not, Flush is a person with frailties and vulnerabilities that we can understand from our own experiences. I really like getting into his story and seeing who he is, especially since we began the story with a presumption that he was irredeemably despicable.