Wednesday, August 31, 2016

0081 - Primal


  1. That last panel is the funniest thing in the whole series so far. Lately Paragon and the Vindicator read like comic relief, contrasting nicely against the moody and depressing Flush strips. Flush is still the best character but reading him can get to be a bit too much of a pity party.

    That final expression has me laughing at how over the top it is. Does Paragon have a gorilla phobia? I can't imagine why someone with super powers would look so shocked and afraid when encountering sewer gorillas. I could see confused, but man, he looks like he just saw a plane crash on his parents' house.

  2. I don't know... I can't speak for Paragon, but I think sewer gorillas sound pretty terrifying. I think anything that scares Paragon would have to have a psychological element to it, because most things can't harm him. But he may have a legitimate concern here. He has fought Menace's mind-controlled gorillas before, and was overpowered by them. That led to his nearly becoming one of Menace's mind-controlled monsters too.

    I think I was just going with it because it was funny, though. It makes me smile thinking what Vindicator's reaction to that would be, since screaming "Gorillas!" right before being attacked by remote-controlled sewer-dwelling silverbacks isn't really sufficient warning to allow somebody to prepare for that sort of encounter, especially if he had no knowledge of any previous history that would lend context to the warning.