Saturday, July 9, 2016

0028 - That's What I Do


  1. But saved him for what? Did the punk get sent to jail? Were the problems in the punk's life that made him choose crime addressed at all? All Paragon did was save him from an ass whipping that will eventually come one day.

    Although Paragon gets to feel good for helping a criminal not get beat, no real overall good is achieved. It's all just superficial heroism that does nobody any real good beyond perperuating the cycle. If the Grim Lasher beat the punk to within an inch of his life I'll bet there'd be some reevaluating of punk life choices. Paragon is the weak parent who enforces no consequences and allows the bad behavior to continue because he wants to be a friend to his kid.

  2. Paragon's goal is to set an example. Maybe beating the crap out of a guy will make him re-think his actions, but Paragon believes in the inherent goodness of people. He hopes that protecting him will be more effective in showing him that violence isn't an appropriate response to conflict.