Wednesday, July 27, 2016

0046 - Reason to Hate


  1. Paragon looks a lot like Ronald Reagan in that first panel!

    My thinking is always more in line with that of the villains (who all have their eyes open coincidentally). That last panel makes me question why Paragon chooses to fight battles he can't win externally against others when the only victory can be within himself.

    MY THIRD PANEL- Has Paragon forgotten that General Menace just subjected him to a world of pain and freely communicated plans to mind control him? This is not the time to discuss philosophy! In my third panel I would have a fist flying at the reader with L-O-V-E tattooed on each of the knuckles and Paragon saying, "HOW DID YOU KNOW?!"

  2. I like where your head's at, but Paragon's first instinct is to scold rather than punish. While he does tend to fist fight his way through conversations with bad guys - and we've seen he's not above smacking someone out of anger - he doesn't think of himself as a fighter. The crux of his rivalry with Menace is that Menace believes it is mankind's nature to hate and therefore a hero should be a soldier to keep the people in line, while Paragon believes that mankind's nature is to love and violence must be met with patience. As to how Paragon ultimately deals with Menace's plan to mind-control him, that is yet to be seen...