Thursday, July 14, 2016

0033 - Paragon's Research


  1. I've done a bit of microfilm looking myself and I've found it has a depressing influence on my mind. I can't go for more than two or three hours before my head is aching from the concentrated doses of all that is horrible, tragic, and/or otherwise newsworthy flashed in front of my eyes. If Paragon ever loses his faith or takes a heel turn I'm going to think to myself-yup, it was the microfilm that got 'im.

    Every tragic event over the span of the months contained on those rolls I read about and relive as the pages go flashing by over the course of a few hours. Car crashes, plane crashes, terrorisms, kidnappings, murders, bank robberies, white collar criminals, missing people, serial killers-seeing them written about as if they were just happening gets me in a really bad mood. I hope Paragon found what he was looking for relatively quickly. Spending too much time on the reels can drive you mad.

  2. I think Paragon's world view is a little distorted in that he has an unshakable love of humanity, but his nerve center is basically just a crazy man's stalker station. Whether it's the microfilm or dozens of tiny televisions, everything he ever sees in awful. That probably contributes to his approach that heroism is about two-fisted confrontations rather than meaningful dialogue. Not that he's a brute, but it's easier to approach a problem with a solution that's conveniently tailored to your skill set. What can a superhero do to solve world problems whose complexity is rooted in human behaviors so unfathomable that even the people who caused them can't understand what they've done?